Blue Ash
Leaf Characteristics
  • broad, flat
  • compound
  • pinnately compound
  • margins toothed
  • leaflets similar in size and shape
  • leaves opposite
  • leaflets with short stems
  • leaflets regularly toothed
  • whole leaf 8" to 12" long
Blue Ash
Fruit Characteristics
  • single winged
  • elongate
  • seed cavity round or flattened
  • fruit straight
  • wider, oblong
Blue Ash
Fraxinus quadrangulata

Unlike the firm, ridged bark of White Ash and Green Ash trees, the gray bark of the Blue Ash fissures and separates into shaggy and scaly plates. The tree grows on limestone soils, often on stream bluffs. In Ohio it mostly is limited to the western half of the state. The wood is similar to White Ash wood and is used in much the same way. Historically, early settlers reportedly made a blue dye by macerating and soaking the inner bark in water.

Tree Size height 40' - 60' diameter 1' - 2' Bark Twig