Leaf Characteristics
  • broad, flat
  • simple
  • not lobed
  • smooth margins, entire
  • alternate
  • without needle-like bristles
  • leaves 5" - 20" long
  • widest toward middle
  • stems long
Fruit Characteristics
  • other or cone-like
  • seeds in tight units
  • cone shaped with knobby surface
  • soft and fleshy
  • surface units elongated
Magnolia acuminata

The gray-brown bark of mature trees is roughened with furrows and narrow, flaky ridges. The leaves are large, from 6 to 10 inches long and from 3 to 6 inches wide. The common name derives from the supposed resemblance of the fruit to cucumbers. The tree grows in rich, deep, and moist soil, but sometimes on rocky slopes. It is distributed throughout eastern Ohio, but most commonly in the northeastern part of the state. Although durable, the wood is weak and brittle. It is used for interior finish, furniture, and woodenware.

Tree Size height 40' - 90' diameter 2' - 4' Flower Twig and Buds