Cornelian Cherry Dogwood
Leaf Characteristics
  • broad, flat leaves
  • simple leaves
  • not lobed
  • smooth margins, entire
  • opposite leaves
  • leaf shorter
  • leaves stout
Cornelian Cherry Dogwood
Fruit Characteristics
  • other fruit (not cone, winged, acorn, or in pod or capsule)
  • without husk or capsules
  • loose, not packed tightly together
  • fruit with pit
  • whole fruit less than 1 inch
  • fruit without strap-like modified leaf
  • not like rasperries
  • fruit not at end of single stalk
  • loosely clustered
  • leaves not modified
  • ovoid, scarlet, about 1/2" long
  • fruit not at ends of club-shaped stalks
Cornelian Cherry Dogwood
Cornus mas

The Cornelian Cherry Dogwood is native to central and southern Europe, and to Asia. It probably was introduced into this country before 1800. Several varieties have been developed since its introduction. This tree grows well in a variety of soils and is tolerant of soil conditions. In the Midwestern United States it reportedly is the longest-lived kind of dogwood tree. Some people grow this dogwood as a hedge, in which case it produces a dense, almost impenetrable thicket of branches. It also can be grown as a large shrub. The Cornelian Cherry Dogwood is relatively free from insect pests and diseases. Some birds feed on the fruit of this tree.

Tree Size height 20' - 25' Bark Flower