Leaf Characteristics
  • broad, flat
  • compound
  • palmately compound
  • usually 7 leaflets, no stalk
Fruit Characteristics
  • other fruit (not cone, winged, acorn, or in pod or capsule)
  • enclosed by husk
  • thick husk
  • husk with seams, nut smooth
  • husk spiny
  • spines large
Aesculus hippocastanum

This relative of the Buckeyes was introduced from the Balkan Peninsula and adjacent Asia. It has been planted so extensively in communities that it is the "Buckeye" with which many people are most familiar. The tree grows well in these urban conditions. Although not native to Ohio, its use as an ornamental has resulted in its being planted throughout the state. In Europe the wood of this tree is used by woodcarvers and turners. It seems to be of no value in the United States. This tree is not a true chestnut and, as with both "Buckeyes" in Ohio, the nuts are considered to be poisonous.

Tree Size height 25' - 60' diameter 1' - 2' Flower Twig and Buds