Silver Linden
Leaf Characteristics
  • broad, flat leaves
  • simple leaves
  • not lobed
  • fine, double teeth
  • all teeth same size
  • shorter stem
  • side veins near base longer than others
  • assymetric, leaf broad
  • 2 - 5 inches long, silvery and downy beneath
Silver Linden
Fruit Characteristics
  • other fruit (not cone, winged, acorn, or in pod or capsule)
  • without husk or capsules
  • loose, not packed tightly together
  • fruit with large pit
  • whole fruit less than 1 inch
  • fruit clustered on strap-like modified leaf
Silver Linden
Tilia tomentosa

The Silver Linden is a native of southeastern Europe and western Asia. Horticulturists brought it to North America during our colonial period. Since then, several varieties have been developed. The bark of this tree is light gray to silver gray. This tree produces dense foliage, so much so that few other plants will grow beneath its branches. Landscapers use this tree on lawns and along streets.

Tree Size height 50' - 70' Bark Branch