Southern Red Oak (Spanish Oak)
Leaf Characteristics
  • broad, flat leaves
  • simple leaves
  • lobed leaves
  • pinnately lobed
  • with bristle tips
  • deeply lobed
  • middle lobe narrow
Southern Red Oak (Spanish Oak)
Fruit Characteristics
  • acorn
  • stalk short, acorn fringeless
  • acorn up to 1" long
  • cup scales not swollen, mostly flat
  • cup shallow
  • acorn round
Southern Red Oak (Spanish Oak)
Quercus falcata

The rough bark of this tree is dark brown to dark gray in color, furrowed, and is marked by rough ridges and plates. The twigs have rust-colored hairs. Its leaves are distinctive. The Southern Red Oak grows in sandy, upland soils and is found in mixed forests. It is a tree of the Old South, ranging from Maryland to Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. Ohio is at the northern limit of its range; it is found only in a few of the southernmost counties. The wood of the Southern Red Oak is strong and coarse-grained. It warps and checks badly during drying, and its uses generally are limited to low-grade construction and fuel.

Tree Size height 50' - 80' diameter 1' - 2.5' Bark