Shortleaf Pine (Yellow Pine)
Leaf Characteristics
  • needle-like
  • needles in clusters of 2
  • long needles, 3" to 8" long
  • fexible
  • slender, dark yellow-green
Shortleaf Pine (Yellow Pine)
Fruit Characteristics
  • cone or cone-like
  • greater than one inch long
  • scales with end wings
  • dry and hard
  • scales thick
  • cone less than 4 inches long
  • scales with spines
  • cones oblong
Shortleaf Pine (Yellow Pine)
Pinus echinata

This is a medium-sized species of pine tree. In 1966, a 75-foot tall specimen of the Shortleaf Pine was recorded from Pike County, Ohio. Bark on mature trees is dark yellowish-brown to reddish-brown and grows in large, flat-topped scaly plates. The tree prefers light, well-drained or dry soils. The Shortleaf Pine is native to south-central and southeastern states in the U.S. In Ohio it grows naturally in the south-central counties. This is an important commercial tree for timber. Often, lumber firms sell it under the name of "Southern Yellow Pine." Its wood is used in carpentry and construction, as well as in the manufacture of various wood products.

Tree Size height 80' - 100' diameter 2' - 3' Bark Flower